What is Project Cosimo?
At Project Cosimo we develop and deploy scalable applied AI (artificial intelligence) solutions for large multinational enterprises to enable reduced costs, shorter lead times, minimal maintenance, increased precision, improved control and enhanced security.
In the ancient Asian game of Go, there are far more possibilities than atoms in the observable universe. While computers have dominated over human players for decades at board games such as chess, many thought it an impossible feat for a computer to master the game of Go. In March 2016, the artificial intelligence system AlphaGo developed by DeepMind managed to beat international Go champion Lee Sedol.
Deep Learning
The success of AlphaGo was made possible by recent breakthroughs in the area of Deep Neural Networks (DNN). A neural network is a software that mimics the human brain by simulating neurons and their interconnections. Contrary to traditional rules-based programming, DNNs enable systems to learn tasks by themselves without requiring constant maintenance by a human expert.
The power of deep learning opens up vast opportunities for applying artificial intelligence (AI) solutions throughout most industries. Traditional programming can be used to build business software macros, assembly line robots and other fairly advanced systems. However, AI technology based on deep learning enables autonomous, complex, non-linear decision making in real time.
Self-driving vehicles are expected to transform the automotive, travel, logistics and related industries in a revolutionizing way. Already now, autonomous trucks and cars are being put to commercial use in several locations in California, Colorado and Singapore.
Facial recognition
One of the most widespread applications of AI technology has been in the area of image recognition, famously employed by social media for autonomous identification of faces in pictures.
A more life-critical application of image recognition is instant, autonomous diagnostic imaging such as X-ray and CT scans. With a precision level equivalent to human specialists it enables rapid in-the-field diagnostics of trauma patients, as well as access to this type of expertise in remote and less developed regions.
Project Cosimo brings together a multi-functional cross-disciplinary team of individuals combining deep academic insights with profound experience from industry challenges. We are continuously searching for exceptional individuals who want to become part of our journey.
Our focus lies on deploying scalable AI architectures to take enterprises to the next level.
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